The episode begins with Mamaji having a conversation with Ishwari about Dev and Sonakshi’s relationship. He tells her that’s he is not doing the right thing by forcefully fixing Sona’s marriage. She replies by saying that there’s no harm if Sona wants to move ahead in life. This leaves Mamaji tensed.

On the other hand, Ritvik and Sonakshi spend time together. Ritvik tells her that he had applied for a bank loan but the bank has rejected his application. Meanwhile Sona’s father goes to Dev’s house to meet Ishwari because she sent Sona a bracelet. He throws the bracelet before Ishwari and asks her how she dare insult his daughter. This leads to an argument between Bejoy and Ishwari, where Bejoy accuses her that she is blackmailing her son into breaking all his ties with Sonakshi. He also tells her that Sona made the right choice by leaving Dev. As a result, Bejoy leaves from the place.

Written Update Of Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi – 30th August

Ishwari can’t forget Bejoy’s accusation that she emotionally tortured her son and snatched his love from him. Meanwhile Sonakshi remembers the beautiful times that she had spent with Dev and cries. Dev, on the other hand, tries to find out about Sona through spying.

He inquires about the whereabouts of Sona’s brother, Saurabh and pretends to coincidentally give him a lift. Dev starts talking to him about Sona’s marriage; he congratulates him on the fact that his sister’s marriage has been fixed and that now she is engaged. Saurabh clears the misconception by saying that Sona and Ritvik’s marriage has just been fixed, but their engagement has not been decided yet.

Hearing this, Dev gets glad that their marriage is just in the initial stages now. He finds hope that perhaps Sona still loves him, that’s why she has still not got engaged to Ritvik.

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