Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 30th September Written Update – Dev Sonakshi Are Married


The episode begins with Ishwari getting disheartened that Sona did not wear the lehenga that she had sent for her. She instead wore a red sari that her parents bought for her. Buaji creates a scene about this issue. Bejoy says angrily that they had already spoken about that the marriage will be completed in Bengali style. Nevertheless, Buaji still continues with the argument. Sona starts crying and Asha tries to handle the situation. Lastly, Mamaji intervenes and controls the situation after which things turn back to normal.

Picture Courtesy: www.alltvgaane.com

Picture Courtesy: www.alltvgaane.com

Later Dev and Sonakshi exchange garlands and the wedding ceremony begins. Meanwhile Buaji fumes again when she sees non-vegetarian dishes in the menu. She asks Ishwari about it to which Ishwari replies that Dev had asked her about the menu. Still, Buaji gets angry and nobody from their side eats the food. Meanwhile, Asha tries to convince Ishwari to eat something but Ishwari says that she is contented with Dev’s marriage.

Written Update Of Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 30th September

The wedding rituals end with Dev filling Sona’s hair parting with vermillion. Dev and Sona finally get married and take blessings from her family members. She cries a lot while heading towards her new home Later, Ishwari welcomes Sona into her family with the grihapravesh ceremony. Sona gives gifts to Dev’s sisters after which Radha runs to see what her gift is. However, when she opens the outer package, she gets shocked to see a fish and shouts. Sourav and Elena apologize and say that gifting fish is in their tradition.

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