Mamaji enters the kitchen and sees that Ishwari is very happy. When he asks her the reason of her happiness, she says that why should she be sad because of Sona and her family. She tells Mamaji to take her to a temple. Since the car has gone for repair, he tells her he will drop her on the way. Dev volunteers to bring her back. Ishwari feels happy to see Dev smiling and tells Mamaji that she knew that he would move on in life.

In the night, Bejoy, Asha, and Sona have a good time in Sona’s room. Bejoy tells her that he wants her to get married soon and settle with Ritvik. The next morning Ritvik visits Sona’s office and they share lunch. Ritvik tells her that he is upset because his loan application got rejected twice by the bank. The plot that he wanted for his clinic had been suddenly bought a big company after remaining vacant for 2 years. Sona thinks about when Dev did not let her work anywhere else because he wanted her as her mother’s dietician.

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Written Update Of Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi – 31st August

Sona enters Dev’s cabin while he is in a meeting. After he sends his staff out, Sona questions him about creating problems for Ritvik and buying the plot he wanted in Ishwari Communications’ name. Dev argues that she cannot marry Ritvik because she only belongs to him. She says that she is already engaged to Ritvik to which Dev says that she is not. Sona accuses him of being a stalker and challenges him that she will marry him, even if Dev makes him bankrupt. Sona leaves the room; Dev starts breaking things and shouting that Sona cannot marry anyone else.

Meanwhile, Ishwari and Nikki wait for Dev for a long time outside the temple. When he does not receive their calls, she calls Tina who tells her that he is still in office.

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