The episode begins with Elena advising Sonakshi that she should not marry Ritvik as she will only be happy with Dev. Sona tells her that now it’s too late and that it’s best for her to move on in life. She also tells her that Ritvik is a very nice and understanding person.

Ritvik and Sona are ready for their date. Ritvik enters the room and Sona is wearing a saree. He compliments her and tells her that she is looking very beautiful. Ritvik and Sona reach the restaurant and seeing it empty, Sona thinks that Ritvik has probably booked the entire restaurant for their date. She gets a bouquet of flowers but thorns prick her. Ritvik helps with the flowers. However, they don’t know that Dev is also present there and he has made the arrangements for their date.

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Written Update Of Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi – 5th September

Meanwhile, in Dev’s house, Radha speaks about Dev’s weird behavior regarding Sona when Ishwari overhears her. She asks Radha to not take Sonakshi’s name again! Radha in turn suggests Ishwari to fix Dev’s marriage as soon as possible otherwise he will never be able to forget Sonakshi. But Ishwari interrupts her by saying that need not take such hasty decisions regarding Dev’s marriage. Mamaji asks Ishwari to tell Dev that she has fixed Sonakshi’s marriage but she refuses.

Meanwhile, Dev enters the scene when Sona and Ritvik were talking about their engagement and tells them that he has arranged everything. Sona gets angry and asks him about all this, to which he says that he found out about their date on social media and hence made special preparations. Sona asks Ritvik to leave but he stays. Dev leaves and Sona also wants to leave but Ritvik tells her that their date should not be affected. Dev comes back and tells Ritvik that Sona loves dancing but Ritvik tells him that he will dance with her. Sona agrees and they dance before Dev, which angers him.

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