Sona and Ritvik enjoy their date; Sona tells him that it is good that he did not walk out after seeing Dev. Dev offers to pay the bill but Ritvik declines saying that since he has booked the table, hence he will pay. Dev says that Sona has still not forgotten him to which Ritvik replies that then why does he not marry her. Dev stands silently and Ritvik says that he will be happiest if he can convince Sona to marry him. Sona says that he is proud of her choice since Ritvik will not make her cry at least. They leave and Dev starts drinking alcohol.

Meanwhile Elena and Saurabh talk about Sona’s engagement. While Elena says that Ritvik is the best match for Sona, Saurabh says that Dev is right for her. On their drive back home, Sona cries and Ritvik advises her to stop letting Dev and his thoughts take over her life. However, after reaching home Sona locks the door of her room and cries.

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Written Update Of Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi – 6th September

Dev continues drinking till midnight. When the restaurant closes, he goes to his office and sleeps. Next morning, Tina calls up Sona and tells her that Dev spends nights in the office and keeps drinking after she has left him. Sona reaches his office and wakes him up. She asks him about what he is doing to himself. He says that he cannot lose her. She says that if he wants her happiness, he should promise to not meet her again. At least, for the sake of his mother, he should move on in life. He says that if this is the way to her happiness, he will do it.

Dev asks Sona about her engagement and she says it is after 2 days. Dev asks her if he can attend it because maybe seeing her getting engaged will help him move on. Sona agrees.

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