Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 7th September Written Update – Dev Finds Out About His Mother’s Plan


A servant in Ishwari’s house spots Dev’s picture in a newspaper and shows it to Ishwari. She gets happy and thinks of calling up Dev to inform him. Mamaji stops her and tells her that the newspaper have published a report about how Dev’s company is suffering losses because of him.

Meanwhile, at home Dev reminiscences his meeting with Sona and how she told him to stay away from him when the matrimonial agent comes. Dev asks him if he has brought any prospective grooms for Sona but he says that his mom is looking for a groom for Sonakshi Bose. He also tells him that she must be a special customer. He hears Ishwari coming and hides behind a wall. His mother comes and gives money to the broker; Dev is shattered to see this.

Picture Courtesy: www.mp34u.com

Picture Courtesy: www.mp34u.com

Written Update Of Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi – 7th September

Sona gets ready for engagement but cries while thinking about Dev. She keeps checking her phone to see if he has called. Meanwhile the Bengali rituals begin and people start gifting the couple. But Sona is still worried if Dev will come or not.

Dev gets ready for office and Ishwari comes with breakfast. He refuses and walks away but comes back to ask her why she did this against him. Ishwari says that Sona crossed her limits and got into a relationship with her son, hence she found an alliance for Sona. Dev starts crying and tells his mother that she did not do the right thing. Ishwari says that he should forgive her if she has hurt him but he walks away in anger.

Meanwhile, Sona’s family is enjoying her engagement. Saurabh pulls Sona’s leg by telling her that he did not bring a gift for her but finally shows a gift voucher. Seeing this, Elena says that she also wants a gift.

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