The current episode begins with Bejoy browsing through the newspaper and seeing that Dev and Sonakshi’s photograph has been published in the paper. Meanwhile, seeing the newspaper, Ritvik’s family comes over to Sona’s house to break Sona and Ritvik’s marriage. Sona and her family get tensed with the happenings.

Sona thinks that Dev has done all this purposely and gets very angry. She immediately calls Dev and shouts at him for doing such a disgraceful thing with her. Dev tries to explain that he did not do anything but she doesn’t believe him. Meanwhile, Ishwari also sees the newspaper and gets restless. Dev goes to the newspaper office and shouts at the reporters for publishing such a photograph.

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Written Update Of Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi – 8th September

Dev also asks for an apology note from the newspaper publication because of their mistake. He tells them that because of them Sona’s family is angry at him hence they need to publish an apology note. Meanwhile, Sona’s family is tensed about the fact that Ritvik’s family broke his alliance with Sona.

Ritvik visits Dev’s office and shouts at him. He accuses Dev of doing such cheap things so that his marriage with Sona breaks. Though Dev apologizes for whatever happened and tries to explain it to him that he did not do anything but Ritvik says that his apology will not bring back Sona’s respect. He also says that he knows that publishing such a thing right after their engagement was his plan to separate the both of them.

Radha instigates Ishwari that Sona must have done such a thing just to cause troubles in Dev’s life and defame him. However, Mamaji hears and stops her. Ishwari waits restlessly for Dev to come from office. Dev comes at night and tells her that it was all a mistake by the publication house.

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