Sona tells her father that Dev did not publish their photo in the newspaper and the paper has even published an apology note. Bejoy says what the use of an apology is when Sona’s marriage is already broken. Ritvik and his father come and apologize for misunderstanding them. Ritvik takes Sona aside and starts blaming Dev for whatever happened. Sona tries to tell him that he didn’t do anything but he doesn’t listen.

Bejoy and Ishwari coincidentally meet in the marketplace. Bejoy says that even she has 3 daughters; why is she trying to defame Sona, especially when she is going to marry such a good guy. Ishwari says that she had only sent Ritvik’s proposal to his family. However, he instructs her to stay away from his family and leaves. He reaches home and tells everything to his wife.

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Written Update Of Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi – 9th September

Dev works in his office when Tina comes and hands him a bracelet. She tells him that she has seen Sona wearing this bracelet many times and Dev gets emotional. Meanwhile, Ishwari reaches home and looks visibly stressed. When Mamaji asks her what happened, she narrates what happened in the market. She also tells him that she has built her family and will not let Sona and her family destroy everything.

Sona asks her parents for an invitation card and couriers it to Dev. She remembers that Dev had asked her if he could come for their engagement so that he sees Sona moving on and also moves on in life. Later on, she tries the bangles that will wear for her engagement, and gets angry that the jeweler did not prepare it according to her correct size. Elena tries to calm her down but walks away fuming with anger.

Dev reaches home from office and finds the card that Sona has couriered him. He asks his mother if he can attend it but she looks at him angrily.

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