Well, getting a chance to act in a movie is not easy. It never was and even today, the competition is even steeper. But still, what is the reason that even today hundreds of youths fly to the tinsel city every single day? The answer is simple, the chance to act in a movie, brings in a lot of opportunities along with itself and one of the primary one is money. So, here we are trying to furnish to you the highest paid actors in the Bollywood industry in the year 2016.

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5. Hrithik Roshan (30 crores)

   The Krish star, been one of the most loved actors of the industry. People has for almost a decade now loved and praised the dancing steps of the hero. However, that in no ways take away a share of his acting skill. He still touches new heights with it every day. Hrithik has been a hit machine in the last few years and we hope that he would continue to be the same.

4. Shahrukh Khan (35-40 crore)

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    The King Khan of Bollywood is one of the most talented actors and let it be DDLJ or K3G, SRK has always left his mark with the audience. This is just the reason that the Khan of Bollywood is treated with such a huge amount by the directors of the nation. He has one of the biggest fan base in the industry.

3. Akshay Kumar (40-45 crores)

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   The Khiladi of Bollywood! Yes, that is what he is generally and rightfully called. From comedy to action to thrills to serious acting roles, Akshay has done it all and this great actor has left his mark in them all. The directors have to shield out a huge amount to bag this artist for the movie, but then it surely pays off!

2. Aamir Khan (45 Crore)

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    You want perfection in your movie. Don’t you? Then you would have to pay a high price for the same and trust me, the results are gonna be damn sweet. Mr Perfectionist ould love to execute everything that is offered to him with perfection, and to do so, he charges quietly a high price. Afterall, its never that easy to gain weight and get a body like the one he does in Ghajini.

1. Salman Khan (55 crores)

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    Who else would have topped the list! Do you want the perfect blend of action, romance, comedy and music in the same movie? Well, welcome to the movies of this Khan. No matter what, he will give you the perfect value to your money and you would leave the hall with a smile. He knows all the tricks to engross you in his movie, till the last scene.

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