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The world of entertainment in itself is a great source of debate. People have always have had various debates about the different aspects of Bollywood. Among these aspects, surely revenue collection has been one of the most controversial factors. While many believed that the only feasible way by which a movie can be determined if it was a hit or not is the revenue that it generates, there are others who believe that it takes something more than just revenue for a movie to be labeled as a hit or a blockbuster. However, we would be today giving out the list of the movies who have the highest collection ever.

PK (2014)

This movie released in the year 2014 was one which had a message that was sent out against the belief and the existence of various religion in the world. The movie was well accepted by many, while many stated that Hinduism was offended a bit too much and that did hurt their religious feelings. However, whatever might be the case, the movie stands to be the highest grossing movie of Bollywood till date.

top most earning movies

Baahubali: The Beginning (2015)

This movie was from the artists of the southern part of the nation. Like many other movies from this part of the nation, that has a lot of movie followers, Bahubali was no exception. It had some of the best animations and the graphic designers and the editors have had done a real good work to help this movie be among the topmost earners in Bollywood. The movie is destined to have its second part, named Bahubali: The Conclusion in the later half of 2016.

Bajrangi Bhaijaan (2015)

Bajrangi Bhaijaan has been a real milestone in Salman Khan’s career. Not only is the fact that the movie is among the top three highest grosser a thing of pride for the Khan of Bollywood, but also that the this was a movie which earned Salman Khan with a pool of new fans. The movie was outstanding and so was the acting of the child actress who was a part of the movie. Apart from that, the script of the movie had also received special recognition from the audiences.

Sultan (2016)

Salman Khan back again in action, and this time, he has Anushka Sharma to assist him in the same. In this movie, Salman plays the role of a wrestler. The movie, like most of Salman Khan’s movie, was a total entertainer and people did love the story. The songs of the movie also had made it big, especially the party numbers are still common in the bars, discos and pubs.

Dhoom 3

Abhishek Bachchan, Uday Chopra and Amir Khan and Amir Khan. No, I did not repeat it by mistake! Aamir Khan plays a double role in the movie, and when Mr Perfectionist of the Bollywood industry is twice in the same movie, it is ought to have something essentially fruitful in it. The movie was loved by the audiences, following the trend of this particular brand name i.e. Dhoom.

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