Who are the Richest 5 Bollywood actors of 2017


Indian cinema offers its actors with the highest amount that one can possibly think of. The actors are some of the richest persons in the world. Here today, we would be making a comparison among various artists to check out the richest Bollywood actors in the world. Thus, here check the net worth of Bollywood superstars;

Akshay Kumar ($180 Million)

Akshay Kumar Earning

Pic Courtesy: indiatoday.intoday.in    

The Khiladi of Bollywood has a whopping $180 million property. Well, being one of the most versatile actors in the industry, why would he not have that. He has the power and capability to make us smile and cry at the same time. We must also remember that apart from the movies that Akshay is associated with, he is also a very much known face in some of the well-known reality shows that are aired in India.

Aamir Khan ($185 Million)

Pic Courtesy: News18.com

This person is not worried about his income. All that he is worried about is perfection and that is just how he has earned the great amount. He has been a phenomenal actor, his movies are loved by one and all and people dearly wait for his movies. The likes of Dangal, PK and 3 Idiots, which has been recorded setting movies, have really made the actor as one of the richest personalities of the nation.

Salman Khan ($200 Million)

Salman khan Earning

Pic Courtesy: India.com

If you are in search of a complete movie with drama, action, some funky dance steps and a great screen presence, you must always get the tickets of the movies of this actor. He knows all the tricks to get you hooked into your seat till the last moment and enjoy the movie. However, Bajrangi Bhaijaan also shows a very serious side of the actor, showcasing his acting skills at its best.

Amitabh Bachchan ($400 Million)

Amitabh Earning

Pic Courtesy: Indianexpress.com

This star has been the real star of the nation, for generations now. No matter what, people have loved him. He has been the most successful actor of all time. Even now, when he would be in any role in a movie, the audiences would reach the theater to get a glimpse of their loved hero on the silver screen. Amitabh Bachchan has transformed the entire way in which the Indian cinema is looked upon, we would not have to give any specification of the income sources of this legend.

Shah Rukh Khan ($600 Million)

Shahrukh Khan Earning

With a whopping 600 million dollars, Shah Rukh Khan is the richest of all superstars in the industry. He did start hi career from the television show but has moved up to become one of the most successful actors of Bollywood. He has been a sensation among the women for more than decades now and we hope that he would be able to continue with the same for years to come.

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