Trust Vote Held In Manipur, Biren Singh Has Favorable Outcome


There has been a considerable change in the political scenario across the nation after the elections in 5 states in India. The results of the same have put up a massive impact on the political tension prevailing across the nation. Bharat Janta Party has emerged as a larger party after the election with their significant win in various states.

Biren Singh And His Government Takes On The Office After Winning Trust Vote

Picture Courtesy: Hindustan Times


Among the other states, Manipur is one of those, where the party has won the seat along with other regional parties. The state had also declared its chief minister. N. Biren Singh had sworn in as the chief minister of the state on 15th of March. However, questions were asked by the opposition to the authority of the BJP led government to have the government in these states.

After various questions that were raised by the opposition, the BJP led government has gone through a confidence vote and has once again proved their majority. On Monday, the trust vote took place and the house supported the Biren Singh government over a voice vote. Although a Congress legislature had requested for a secret ballot vote, but the same was put down by the speaker of the house.

Prior to the voting, Yumnam Khemchand Singh was elected as the speaker of the house. Biren Singh after having won the trust voting said that for the interest of the people of Manipur, the ruling party, as well as the opposition, must work hand in hand.

The BJP government have majority two more states, Goa and Uttar Pradesh and in both of them, a new chief minister has been named. While Yogi Adityanath has taken the oath as the Chief Minister of UP, Manohar Parrikar is named as the chief minister of Goa. In Punjab, Congress and its alliance has received the majority and formed the government.

With all the chief ministers of the various states have sworn in, it is now only for time to decide who proves to be a better chief minister than the other.

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