Yogi Adityanath Asks Non-Performers In The Government Sector To Leave


Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister, Yogi Adityanath is one of the most talked about politician for the past few weeks. All the discussion about the Chief Minister started after he was named as the Chief Minister of the state. There have been a lot spoken about the political and religious leader. However, ever after he has started off with his office, he has been in the news for some of the very stern decisions that he has taken in the state of Uttar Pradesh. Some of these steps like the Romeo Operation, which can be treated as a step to reduce harassment of young women. Once again the chief minister of the state is in news and this time for another decision that is going to shake the entire set of Government workers in the state.

Yogi Adityanath New Message To Government Employees

Picture Courtesy: Zee News

Giving out a stern message to all the Government employees in the state, Yogi said that all the Government officials must be ready to work for 18-20 hours a day and if they are not ready to do so, they are free to leave their jobs. Talking about the same, Yogi said that he is a workaholic and bureaucrats who are working with him must deliver in the very same way. He also asked the non-performers to leave their job.

Talking about the coordination of the party and the state government, he said that the workers should make that the government schemes reach out to everyone in the vicinity of the state and even to the very last man. Talking with the BJP leaders and workers, he further said that since only two years are left for the Lok Sabha elections, the party workers should start the preparations for the same. In case, they notice any discrepancy within the state government, they should inform it to Yogi Adityanath.

Yogi Adityanath has taken some of the toughest decisions in his regime of Chief Minister so far. The implementation of the same will be sought after by the people of the state.

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