What is Bollywood

What Is Bollywood?

Bollywood can be well defined as the face of the Indian national cinema. The Hindi movie industry that is into effect in the country, in the state of Maharashtra, Mumbai is one of those that has made history in greater parts of the world is known by that name to one and all. The name originates from two different names, namely Bombay and Hollywood, which together made the name Bollywood. When the name was cited, it was those phases that Indian cinema looked up to Hollywood for inspiration, but now that the days have changed Indian cinema seems to be at par with it’s international counterpart.

Bollywood Success Story

Bollywood started off with motion pictures in the year 1913  with the movie Raja Harishchandra, which was a black and white movie. The Indian cinema came into effect 8 years after the first motion picture was showcased to the world in the year 1905 in Pittsburgh. Such has been the love and passion of the people and the Indian audience toward the Indian cinema that today, Bollywood holds the Guinness Book of world record for producing the highest number of movies each year. The Bollywood industry comes up with as many as 800-1000 movies each year to entertain the audiences. Still, if you are wondering exactly what is Bollywood, never mind we have a hell lot more to discuss about the same. 

Raja Harishchandra Bollywood

Raja Harishchandra – Bollywood Movie

Bollywood Industry

Well, to run an industry of its magnitude and to always come up with nothing but the best quality, a lot of man force is required. No matter who you are, but if you are in this Bollywood industry, you are a part of Bollywood world, which in itself is a family. The likes of producers, directors, actors, actresses, make-up men, costume designers are those that are for sure to come to your mind. However, other than these there are also light and cameramen, lyrics writers, script and dialog writers. The overall workforce that the word Bollywood comes up with is just enormous. We would be discussing a few of those people, who has made it easy for all of us to answer what is Bollywood all about.

Bollywood Actors

Bollywood actors are the most renowned people in the industry. They are the idols of most youth in the society, while some of them want to have a hairstyle like one of the best stars, you would find another copying his favorite actor’s dressing style. And yes when it come to trying to get a figure like of the hottest star in the industry, you can really find quite a whole lot. These men, starting from the likes of Dev Anand and Raj Kapoor to those of Hrithik Roshan and Ranveer Singh, all of them have been a few of the most hyped personalities in their era. Their women colleagues have never failed to impress the people with their beauty either. The likes of Madhubala and Nargis, to those of Priyanka Chopra and Shraddha Kapoor, they have always glorified the screen with their great presence and beauty.

amitabh-bachchan-Bollywood News

Amitabh Bachchan – Bollywood Actor

Salman Khan Bollywood

Salman Khan – Bollywood Actor

Hrithik Roshan Bollywood

Hrithik Roshan – Bollywood Actor

Aishwarya Rai Bollywood

Aishwarya Rai – Bollywood Actress


Madhuri Dixit – Bollywood Actress

Bollywood Singers

Well, Bollywood movies are not of the likes of Hollywood or any other industry in the world. The Indian people are in love with the merry making moves of the industry and music has always been one of an integral part of the movie. The dance and music combination has for long been one of the most popular and effective ways to get audiences to the silver screen. The musicians have played a great role in shaping up what Bollywood exactly is today. Singers like Kishore Kumar, Kumar Sanu, Asha Bhosle and Shreya Ghoshal has been instrumental in helping the people fall in love with the movies that are produced in this part of the world. Music composers and Lyrics writers have also been some of the most promising ones of all time. The likes of Gulzar and AR Rahman has been some of the phenomenal talents to the society. 

Subhash Ghai Rahman Bollywood

Subhash Ghai & AR Rahman – Bollywood Director & Music Composor

Sonu Nigam Bollywood World

Sonu Nigam – Bollywood Singer

arijitsingh Bollywood News

Arijit Singh – Bollywood Singer

Ramgopal Verma Bollywood

Ramgopal Verma – Bollywood Director

Bollywood Dialogs and Script

The success of the movie perhaps lies on nothing as prominent as those of the script of the movie. The Indian audience is one of those who gets bored very easily and they would always love to get full value for their money. Indian cinemas are generally a melodramatic tale, and audiences expect it to have everything in it, which includes the likes of action, dance, romance and also a strong message. All these together makes it a really tough task for the dialog and scriptwriters to come up with a great script, but that doesn’t stop them from coming up with some of the best script and dialogs that we can possibly think of. If Ramanand Sagar and Vijay Anand did help out the industry in this depart ment in the initial days, then now is the time of Farhan Akhtar and Rajkumar Hirani to sweep you off your feet with their dialogs. Some dialogs of the Hindi cinema has been immortalized. One can always remember the dialog of Gabbar in Sholay when he said  

“Kitne Aadmi They?”

Or When the dialog was 

“Ye haath Mujhe De De Thakur”

The favourite dialog from Dewar in which a brother when asked about his belongings by his sibling replies:

“Mere Paas Maa Hai”

Even these days, people have loved some of the great dialogs, with the likes of dialogs like that in Bodyguard:

“Mujh par ek aahsaan karna ki Mujh par Koi Ahsaan Na Karna.”

The dialog from the new Don is also quite famous and has made a huge buzz among the youth. It goes like:

“Don Ko Pakadna Mushkil Hi Nai Naamumkin Hai.”


Sholay – Bollywood Movie


Mohenjo Daro – Bollywood Movie

What is Bollywood – An Insight story of Singer, Actor, Actress, Director and many more

We have tried to give a brief idea about what is Bollywood, we would like to state here that Bollywood is one of those fields where we can go on writing books, it is one of those areas, that do not only entertain us but help us to be happy. Going out to a movie with friends is the best time pass that people do these days and it’s these Bollywood movies that help people enjoy and cherish their lives. Over the years Bollywood has evolved and in the coming days, we are sure that Bollywood would continue to be one of the best places to showcase your skills in any of this type.